About me

  • Miriam Karina
  • 23 years old *sobs*
  • Mexican
  • Graphic designer & Visual communicator.
  • Wannabe illustrator.
  • In a wonderful relationship  

Some stuff I like:

  • Artsy stuff
  • Food
  • Videogames
  • Cartoons, anime, movies
  • Comics n’ manga
  • Reading novels
  • Browse the internet
  • My pets
  • Singing~

I’m a happy girl who loves the internet~

I’ve graduated from college, currently taking 2d & 3D animation courses.
My dream job is to work on a videogames company as an illustrator.

You can find me on these sites:
deviantArtTwitter | flickr | Livestream

Thanks in advice for the follow guys, you rock♥!